How can we influence the many versions of the future and make it the future we want for us and the future generations? The founder of Entropositive, Robert (Rosho) Hopp is working these topics his whole life and found out, that sustainability of Energy, Mobility, Governance and Food are the keys not only to our survival but to a fantastic future.

Leading major global or Trans-European transformation programmes over the last decades has given us the opportunity to experiment with many ways to influence the possible futures. The framework of Augmented Leadership is one outcome of this operational and conceptual work.

Recently Entropositive had the opportunity to work with a giant of the Japanese industry, Mitsubishi, and to help them open the way for alliances, joint ventures or a simple exchange of knowledge between European and Japanese major players.

About Robert (Rosho) Hopp

Robert (Rosho) Hopp is a Programme Manager Future Worker and Organisational Transformation Coach with a passion for Energy and Mobility. He writes for several blogs and is active on social media. Follow the insights of a Thought Leader!

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